Digital Technology


Algo acerca de la estampación digital.

Texathenea S.L has a dynamic design department that is continuously creating new collections rich in colour and textures. Designs vary from the old and classical to the new and modern, all with a unique sense of style. The one thing that all designs have in common is that they exploit the advantages that digital printing has to offer. There are no limitations in scale of design or diversity of colour.

Designs are inspired and created from the latest trends and catwalk collections. The design team also have the ability to develop customers own design concepts and tailor make designs to meet their product needs. There are no limitations in the scale of the designs or in the amount and depth of colour used in each design. Fabrics ranging from silk, popelin cotton and crepes to more textured qualities are available to print on.

Digital print can be offered on Fire Retardant fabrics using disperse dyes that comply with the M1 standards. The design possibilities opened up by digital print offer the ability to personalize spaces whether they are hotel rooms or restaurants.

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